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Packaging Solutions For The Drinks Sector

The drinks industry thrives on presentation as much as it does on quality. Ferrari Packaging offers a comprehensive range of drink packaging solutions designed to protect your product while elevating its brand image. Whether you’re dealing with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, we have the materials and customisation options to perfectly suit your needs.

Ensuring protection & maintaining quality

Our packaging solutions go beyond basic protection. We understand the importance of preserving the flavour, fizz, and overall quality of your beverages during transportation and storage. Our high-quality materials create a barrier against external factors that could compromise your product’s integrity.

Building brand identity

We believe that packaging plays a crucial role in building a strong brand identity. That’s why we offer a variety of flexographic labelling options with up to 10 colours and special effects like foiling and embossing. These customisable labels allow you to showcase your brand personality and create a lasting impression on consumers.

Luxury presentation for premium beverages

For high-end drinks, we offer luxurious bottle bags crafted with premium materials. These elegant and sophisticated bags elevate the unboxing experience, enhancing the perceived value of your product. Imagine a beautifully crafted bottle nestled in a bespoke bag emblazoned with your brand logo – a powerful combination that speaks volumes about the quality within.

Sustainable packaging options

As a company committed to sustainability, we offer eco-friendly options like Flexi-Hex® packaging made from paper. This innovative solution caters to both premium gifting and large-scale e-commerce, providing protection for your products while minimising environmental impact.

Expert support for your drinks packaging needs

Our team of packaging specialists understand the unique challenges faced by the drinks industry.  We’ll partner with you to identify the ideal packaging solutions that meet your specific requirements, ensuring optimal protection, brand consistency and a touch of elegance for your beverages.

Let Ferrari Packaging help your brand stand out on the shelf and delight your customers with an unforgettable experience.  Contact us today to discuss your drinks packaging needs.


We choose local as it keeps down transport costs
As a growing business, it was essential for us to work with a reliable packaging supplier who could provide us with the necessary resources to accommodate our growth. Ferrari Packaging has been a great partner for us in the last couple of years, offering us not only excellent pricing but also great customer service and warehousing capacity with their stock and drip service. Working with a local company like Ferrari Packaging, who understands our needs and can offer us tailored solutions has been invaluable. Their team is responsive and conscientious, and the quality of their products is top-notch. We would highly recommend Ferrari Packaging to any business looking for a trusted and reliable packaging supplier.

E Beeton
Packaging Supervisor, 71 Brewing

Check These Solutions For The Drinks Sector

Flexographic Labels

Flexographic Labels

Full HD technology allows the highest print quality is possible. This is the cost-effective solution for medium to large runs.
Highgrove Bottle Box

Luxury Bottle Packaging

Our luxury bottle bags provide an elegant, stylish high-quality finish and are strong and durable.
Luxury Bottles

Bottle Packaging Solutions

We can supply your business with a range of Flexi-Hex®, luxury, air and pulp bottle packaging solutions, to suit your exact requirements.

A wide range of sustainable, reliable, and customisable packaging solutions.

Want to go eco with your packaging but have no idea what options are available to you?

Don’t worry, we’re on hand to help. With written guides to help you fulfil your eco friendly mission, and our team of experts ready to share knowledge, give advice, and answer any question you may have, you can be sure that you’ll find the product which delivers on every one of your needs.

Sustainability Products

If sustainability matters to your business and your customers, our innovative environmentally friendly packaging solutions are ideal when wrapping items for safe transport.

With over 50 years in the packaging industry, the Ferrari Packaging team can help your business by challenging the status quo to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and add value to your business.

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