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Packaging Solutions For The Food Sector

Here at Ferrari Packaging, we understand that food manufacturers require diverse solutions to meet the unique needs of their products. Beyond basic protection, your ideal packaging should contribute to freshness, extended shelf life, and even grab customer attention on the shelf.

Prioritising food safety & freshness

BRC food safety certification signifies our commitment to the highest hygiene standards. Our food-grade packaging materials are specifically designed to create a barrier against moisture and oxygen, which are detrimental factors that can impact the quality and shelf life of your food products.

Optimising efficiency & sustainability

We offer innovative solutions like food contact custom tapes, which not only enhance product presentation but also reduce the overall amount of packaging needed. Our food-grade polythene range caters to various food manufacturing processes, and utilises less plastic while maintaining exceptional safety standards. This translates to cost-effectiveness for you, without compromising on food safety.

Temperature-controlled packaging

For temperature-sensitive products, our chilled packaging selection offers a variety of options to maintain optimal temperature during transportation and storage. From gel packs and ice mats to box bags and insulated bubble bags, we have the solution to ensure your chilled food arrives at its destination fresh and delicious.

Beyond the products: customisation & expertise

At Ferrari Packaging, we believe in complete customer satisfaction. We have food packaging solutions that are customisable to match your specific requirements. Our team of experts is here to advise you on the most suitable packaging for your food products, ensuring optimal protection, freshness, and brand presentation.

Partner with Ferrari Packaging for your food packaging needs:

By combining our BRC accreditation, innovative solutions, and commitment to sustainability, we can help you achieve your food packaging goals. Contact our team today and let’s discuss the perfect packaging solution for your food products.

A relationship built on mutual respect and trust
At Graham’s Family Dairy, we have been working with Ferrari Packaging for over 2 years. Their team is genuinely nice and accommodating, always willing to go the extra mile to help us out. Marco, in particular, is extremely responsive and I consider him a friend. They ensure face-to-face contact, which has helped us to build a strong personal relationship with them. What we appreciate most about Ferrari Packaging is their expertise and willingness to go the extra mile, especially when we are in a bind. They make life easier for us and we highly recommend them.

M Johnson,
Stock Control & Procurement

Check These Solutions For The Food Sector


Food Contact Tape

Approved for direct contact with food, manufactured to BRC food hygiene standards.
Polythene Food Grade

Food Grade Polythene

From small liners to the largest Dolav liners, Ferrari Packaging can cater to a range of customers with different food manufacturing processes.
Dispenser 2

Pallet Wrap

Your pallets and containers should have the best protection and safety measures. Ferrari Packaging is committed to helping you protect your product and supply only the best quality pallet wrap and hand stretch film.

Chilled Packaging

Ferrari Packaging stock a great range of chilled packaging products designed to keep your products cool.

A wide range of sustainable, reliable, and customisable packaging solutions.

Want to go eco with your packaging but have no idea what options are available to you?

Don’t worry, we’re on hand to help. With written guides to help you fulfil your eco friendly mission, and our team of experts ready to share knowledge, give advice, and answer any question you may have, you can be sure that you’ll find the product which delivers on every one of your needs.

Sustainability Products

If sustainability matters to your business and your customers, our innovative environmentally friendly packaging solutions are ideal when wrapping items for safe transport.

With over 50 years in the packaging industry, the Ferrari Packaging team can help your business by challenging the status quo to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and add value to your business.

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